Thursday, March 26, 2009

I dont see eye to eye

Despite the fact that you have tens of of branches and hundreds of executives and presumably thousands of ATMs and drop boxes running all over the place, a smart exec at your bank told me it was impossible for me to submit a "piece of paper" as part of a trading account at one branch and expect that it be safely sent to another. She explained it to me that it was because of "technology limitations" that the particular branch that I walked into one which "did not handle demat services" and was able to count on the fingers of the one hand, which one did handle "demat services".

I don't blame her at all, she did her job very well, as per the rules she has to swear to live by once she is employed by you. But I surely blame you, the bank for not being responsive to customer needs. I dont care which bank is dematted or non dematted or what is your internal organization. Should I?

I am the customer who is very happy with the website you provide me and I am happy to live my entire life without having to drive down to a branch 10 kilometers away, stand in a queue, submit a piece of paper, get an acknowledgement and come back and do this repeatedly whenever someone feels like it.

No, I cannot even courier it. I have to physically go there and submit the said form. Well, someday.

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