Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quickfix breakfast 1920s

I am on this blast from the past trip - I guess the present does not have too many things to write about. What is there are can be expressed in 140 characters or less, which is why my tweets are more active these days ;)

So, here is something a grand uncle mentioned. In their house they had this mixture of pounded (no grinders then) wheat, rice, green gram and a few other grains ever ready. When a breakfast needed to be readied instantly, they reached out for this power, added jaggery and milk or water, plus coconut, if available and made laddoos out of them. One or two for each and you were good till lunch. Googling got me this, and I suspect, that this was what it was with some regional variation.

The main thing, in his words, was that food was not such a big deal. They pretty much ate what was available - which meant routine day in and day out - no fuss. Not too much choice. No fried stuff. Barely any snack. Nothing that was ever bought.

Aside: Poruvalangai (mentioned in the link above) then were the MTR quick fix meals of today - also the equivalent of stuff you could carry with you when you went off on a trip where you weren't sure of the food you would get. They last almost forever and pack quite a bite in terms of energy as well as hold your hunger at bay.

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purple pitara said...

cool discovery! healthy and quick.

also checked out the link - found other recipes in that blog quite interesting as well