Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rahul, Oh Rahul

What charm. What personality. The dimpled smile. The crowd pleasing ability. The charisma.

I have been a fan of yours since I saw you for the first time. (I am not gay, get lost.) Since then, I have followed your ascent diligently through media. Newspapers, magazines, news channels, the internet - you name it, if you can.

And the media is such a dahling fan of yours, you have them eating out of your hand. Believe me, it takes a lot of hard work and effort to get there. Tell you what, they are a nasty bunch of peope to deal with. If they don't like you, you are gone, finis. But, no, not you. You are not one of them who they dislike.

The media truly believes in you and through them, people like me, the unwashed masses (I did have a bath a couple of days ago in hard water with Lifebuoy soap) who blog also believe in you. Drawing room discussions are about you and only you - sometimes, I chat on Yahoo messenger too after giving my i-card to the cyber café owner - they need to do their job on terrorists you see. The media knows what they are talking about. They do not endorse Johnny come latelys.

Why, they do not even endorse Johnny been-forevers. They are fans of certain hardworking diligent people who have come up the hard way - not those lucky to be born in the right household. Lucky you. And lucky me. Thanks to them, I even know your supper. I am such a fan of yours, I have the same thing you had for supper (provided I can afford the ingredients) the next day. I read every printed word about you, especially when I wait in railway stations, waiting for or in the train which is delayed due to some bomb scare some place (airplanes are too expensive after the UDF). Sometimes co passengers don't oblige, they read all those full page ads of these political parties - the dorks. I might even have had a few dreams about you leading me in an all star team or when I am in the helpless audience good enough only to clap. But it does not matter. I will cheer you for ever. I am your non complaining fan. You are the captain I have been waiting for. Why, you are the captain the country has been waiting for. Yes Rahul, you.

I loved the way you danced around in Dil to Paagal hai, the songs in Kuch Kuch hota hai, the masterful apperance in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham. Rahul is your best onscreen persona - I get confused sometimes on which is which - I am sure you will forgive that. When is your next movie as Rahul?

What did you think I was writing about? Sirf Dil Hi Pagal Hai, Dimaag abhi tak theek hain...

Disclaimer: Actually I am a fan of neither Rahul Dravid nor SRK. I like it when they play well or make great movies or vice versa, but my fanboy days are long since gone. I abhor all dynasties except mine, btw.


BharGo said...

Neel... u rock!

Neelakantan said...

Thanks mate :)

workhard said...

Hey, nice reading your posts, very interesting.