Friday, March 06, 2009

There is no security problem

There is no emotive issue this elections, they all tell us very sanguinely, while, looking over their shoulders that the Black cat commandos they were assigned are covering them from all directions. But there is a security issue and if we ignore it, we are going to pay with our lives.

A terror event in a neighbouring country (West) involving the Southern neighbour has sent many in the Indian establishment shitting in their pants regarding the organization of a cricket tournament. And they all tell us there is no security problem?

In the meantime, Maharashtra, last in the news for the 26/11 carnage (yes, this happened a few months back when you were asleep and woke up today to see everything has been wiped out from your own memory.) has come out with rules for terror proof buildings.

But believe me(dia) there is no security problem. Ever since we got Pkstn to capitulate (they arrested some people, you forgot?) and bend and crawl on all fours using our might and solved the terrorist problem comprehensively, there is no security issue. (*Satire)

Aside, I learnt a new word from the tweets I follow (me, on twitter, here) - Thanks to Ravikiran and Acorn - the word is Jamais Vu and do take a look at what it means.

It is the opposite of Deja Vu and it is what will happen when we will see yet another terror incident. Because. there. is. no. security. issue. Repeat after me and go back to sleep.

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