Thursday, April 23, 2009


Anusat, was one of the satellites launched by ISRO recently alongwith the RISAT. The speciality of this satellite, was that it was student made by Anna University. So, I googled and found this (The pdf linked to here is very informative).

It is not often that you get to hear of universities and colleges in India doing stuff like this, so I like this news. Also, in an age where job offers on campus have gone back to sanity, it is a good time for universities to get into cutting edge stuff like this.

From the BS link above,

The 40 kg micro satellite ANUSAT, the co-passenger of RISAT 2, has been built by Anna University, to demonstrate the technologies related to message store and forward operations.

ANUSAT, the first built by an Indian University, is a 'store-and-forward' communication satellite that will help transfer confidential academic material and also monitor drought and wasteland, urban planning and other studies.

Nice work. Can the other colleges and universities step up please... Do let me know if there are other pages I can link to about this.

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