Thursday, April 02, 2009

Budget shopping?

These chaps are talking to some arbit demographic. 4000 bucks for a shirt and you call it nano shopping? You must be out of your mind (or definition of budget).

Well, here are my choices for budget Bangalore shopping during a "recession" - call me bourgeoisie if you like:

  • Roam around Marathahalli (there are quite a few discount stores), not UB city and get what you want.
  • Havent been to the Loot, but it has got some decent reviews
  • Megamart for mens everything. I picked up 3 shirts for about 3000 rupes
  • Brand factory - if you are lucky
  • Megamart has a decent womens section too...
  • If you have a good tailor and know a place to get good material, do that. This is perhaps the best combination of all
  • Chikpet may not be chic, but it has some decent options for kids.
  • The inner streets off Commercial street are better than the main street. (Applies for all prominent streets)
Do add your tips :)


Savitha Rao said...

It's not unusual to read articles in Indian magazines peppered with phrases like 'every city girl needs a Birkin bag' :)

By that yard stick this article is about budget shopping :)

Kitchie said...

Nano shopping must mean shopping with money enough to buy a Nano!

usha said...

my 2 cents: do more of window shopping.. no,not just for the fun of it, its actually an exercise to know the options available, the best and the worst.. so that you can make informed decisions when you are really out there to shop, n dont end up spending 2000 bucks on something better you could have got for 500. shop wisely is the mantra.