Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coming soon, Nano Electric

So, who shilled against the Nano, including the anti pesticide types and the politician types and activist types ?

This one is for those who believed that the Nano was not really a car (omigosh) - it is a transportation platform.

Heres your news. Tata Motors has entered the Automotive X Prize (all your Mamta types wont ever know this since there is no Politician X prize and even if there is, they will never win) and the two vehicles which it has entered are, an Indica hybrid and, hold your breath, a Nano EV.

Yes sure, it is all a few years away, but I like the way they think! Death to oil addiction.

(via Sanjeev on mail) Apparently, an EV was always under development at Tata, but this one is on the Nano platform.


Aadisht Khanna said...

Actually Nitin and me had been discussing the feasibility and desirability of an X-Bribe for political parties. Whichever state government delivers the best governance, you give the party in power a prize. Could be black or white.

AMIT said...

Lets see what happens after elections.

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