Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Internet of tomorrow

The internet we know today would be similar to the stories of our great grandparents encountering the first automobiles. And even in our limited lives, the internet has evolved from dishing out static pages to being so much more interactive. But from here it will move in a thousand different directions. This space and my knowledge both are too limited to talk about it, but the ultimate power of the internet is about putting the power of information at everybodys disposal.

Imagine the braying news that we get to hear on TV today (and newspapers to a lesser extent - because you spend barely 5 mns on them each day) - and imagine the world without the internet. It would be an amazingly distorted view would it not? Political ideologues would use the media to feed you exactly what you wanted to hear (earlier it was coercion, now it is capitalism) and keep you in an almost Truman show like world.

And that's where google (and others) step in. Heres one more step. See this one of googlelabs newest features- News Timeline.

Now imagine open archives of magazines which have existed for 100s of years and imagine the power of this information. Its already begun - quite a few mags have made their archives available for google searches. Apart from the previous post on thin slicing journalism, add blogs and other independent authors in this mix and you can see a truly fair market for information emerge...

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