Friday, April 24, 2009

Its your choice

Imagine you are just out of college and you get a job offer and you have these choices to accept.

Organization 1: This is an organization where merit reigns supreme. You do well, you are promoted to the next level. Managers are encouraged at every level to find and promote talent. Employees are empowered to take decisions. In general work that is done is done with the shareholders/customers in mind. Yes, surely, there is office politics and there are certain bad eggs, but it does not subsume the actual work that is happening. The organization has a leader, a good next couple of levels of leaders and overall, it seems to be a nice place to work.

Organization 2: This is what I would call a family enterprise. Whatever you do, there is only one measure - loyalty to the family. You are loyal, your rewards follow in the shape of promotions. If the family does wrong, you are expected to stand by it or keep quiet or acquiesce. If you blow the whistle against the family, consider you career gone. Leaders are encouraged, as long as their loyalty is intact. There is a clear glass ceiling - a boundary that cannot be crossed by lesser mortals. The organization has one family as the ruling dynasty and theirs is the last word.

Imagine that these two organizations are roughly in the same sort of business. Where would you prefer to join?

Now, imagine, you are just out of college and you have to vote for one of these organizations.

Which one, would you like to form the government?


Savitha Rao said...

Brilliant analogy .

Only problem is that the option 1 today is not a progressive joint where merit reigns supreme .

Anonymous said...

And then imagine that the first organization sells drugs and generally harms the society, whereas the second organization, despite being family-owned, tries to do its best for the society.

Meritocracy by itself doesn't mean anything. I believe the D-company is also strictly meritocratic.

neelakantan said...

Mohan: Precisely why I have assumed at the bottom that they are in the same business.

clueless comrades said...

Well put.

Unfortunately, it seems that corp 1 has lost its way.. just dont have a cohesive vision.

Santhosh P said...

Option 1 for sure, but does it exist? if so in which part of the world? I'll choose option 2 if the choice is between it and a company that employs sales reps who are free to sell poison in any which way they want.

Anonymous said...

Neelakantan: except that they aren't. One is in the business of dividing the country whereas the other one wants to unite and take it forward.

Freaky said...

I hope you do realize from the comments the choice the voter is trying to make.

The Comic Project said...

I can identify Org 2 immediately, but Org 1..hmm what is this mythical place you are talking about? I am ready to go back to college and take all my exams for a job there.

But since we know what Organization 1 is a cover for, a little bit more about it.

Organization 1 has very good sales people, very convincing, engaging, promising the world and sometimes even delivering a little of it, one chopped limb at a time. To display its good intent, it takes out few bad eggs in front of the consumer, keep them out of view so that the consumers buy the other bad eggs in the belief that the bad eggs have been thrown out.

What the consumers are not shown is the medical report of mommy and daddy who make the eggs. Apparently, they suffer from many disorders, mental and physical, most of them genetic and something that gets worse as it gets passed on to the next generation as mommy and daddy are not given any treatment. Why? because in this organization, that medical report is actually a clean bill of health.

The comment by Mohan (about the meritocracy part) is something to have a good look at.

Regarding organization 2: hmm it used to sell horseshit, now it is incapable of selling but there's too much of it in its storage.

neelakantan said...

Great debate and I guess that represents the problem faced by the voters.

While org 1 has the chance to present a truly different vision, it has been unable to - but it is trying.

Org 2 is content to rest on past glories and future generations of one family.

But a couple of points - Mohan - Org 2 is trying to unite the country is laughable. Please read their manifesto and then comment. Also their policies even in the last 5 years. Try that again? Re read history and you will get it.

But on no count can Org 2 can have the higher moral ground. Org 2 believes people dont read history and Congress has a far "richer" and sullied history as shown even recently.

HP said...

I would like to vote for Org 1 but I first would like it to come into existence..


maverick said...

Strong!! I like the analogy..but often organization 1 tends to be a one man show. Capt Gopinath and Shashi Tharoor are a couple of examples. Someone needs to build such an organization from scrath and the barriers to entry are huge :)

But, good post.

anush said...

on a broader level it is a good analogy

But as pointed out by many others in earlier comments most of us would like to vote for org 1 , but we all ask the same question does it exist ?

Org 1 may have the qualities u mentioned in its Mission and Vision statement , but when it comes to operating in real world and dealing with other entities do they really function they way they want to ? If u dig deeper /scratch the surface , u will find traces of Org 2 inside Org 1

Now another important question which solely drives the decision of majority of youngsters coming out of college when asked to choose between the companies - What does it offer right now for ME ?