Thursday, April 30, 2009

Naming ideas

A complaint was filed with the EC on how the Congress has "schemed" in naming all their "schemes" identically. The list ran for about 450 odd items. But the Congress has missed a few tricks in this naming scheme. This is my (partial) list.

  • Himalayas- should be renamed as (Family Name) Winter Snow Scheme or the Winter Glacier Water Storage Programme
  • All Rivers - (Family Name) Riparian Water Collection and Distribution Scheme
  • Monsoon - (Family Name) Yearly National Monsoon Guarantee Scheme
  • Deccan Plateau - (Family Name) Upliftment of Low Lying Areas Volcano Generation Scheme
  • Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and associated Ocean - (Family Name) Saline Waterway Navigation and River Water Drainage Scheme
  • Other local mountain ranges - (Minor Loyalist/Retainer name) Hill Station and Tourism Scheme
  • All forests- (Family Name) Natural Resources Collection and Timber Production Scheme
  • And, finally, the Government - (Family Name) Family Perpetual Employment Guarantee Scheme

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