Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No pan India issue

The media is at pains to assure us that this parliamentary election there is no pan India issue at all.

Thats great news is that not? But, is that really true? Is internal security not a pan India issue at all? Or once the black cat commandos are assigned to the powers that be and their in-laws, internal security is well taken care of? Once public memory of the recent terror attacks that happend in Bombay, Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore followed by a massacre in Bombay has been wiped out, I guess, they are right. There is no pan India issue.

Hopefully, all our intelligent voters will remember how the government slept at the wheel for all of 4 years until Mumbai 26/11 happened.

Hopefully, all road users will remember how the National highways program has deteriorated. Hopefully, you will also remember how Ottavio Quattrochi got away with his money.
Hopefully, you will also remember their manifesto and some hidden promises.

That apart I dont know about you all, but I am worried about the deterioriating internal security situation.

Kandahar happened, we all know, as did a few other hostage situations in between (Iraq, remember?), but to me all that is in the past. What has changed after 26/11 except the creation of one bureaucratic office and a smooth talking hum minister? Nothing. Are we safer? No. Has infiltration attempts increased? Yes. Did we get anything out of Pkstn after the terror attack? No. Are there chances of yet another terror attack? Of course, you bet there is.

All the best in this new year for all of us to escape with our lives...

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