Friday, April 10, 2009

Twitter, twitter

Been using Twitter regularly for over a month now. And have got the hang of microblogging. I use twitter typically for stuff which I think would be interesting for people who follow this blog, plus stuff on which I might not have too much to say. I do not use it to say which brand of shaving cream I use or what I had for breakfast. There is nothing wrong with that - after all twitter is a tool and how you use it is based on your convenience.

What is interesting is that I have never visited digg and though I installed the stumble upon toolbar, I never quite used it. Twitter is different - people who you follow recommend articles, links (and that's what most of who I follow do) from around the world and that is quite a neat way of "smart sourcing" the tons of stuff that's posted on the net. And it results in some wacky one liners and conversations being exchanged...

Hmm, net net...I don't think twitter is evil (via Atanu), I think that by the next election, the twitter party of India will win :)

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