Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What makes bigger news?

What makes for bigger news? An "attack" on pub goers in Mangalore or a communal riot? Lets try that again. Should an attack in Mangalore get tons of publicity more than an attack in Mysore? Lets try that once again. Should opposition to a Charlie Chaplin statue get more publicity than a communal riot in Mysore?

Regardless of what you think that is exactly what happened.

Make no mistake. Newspapers here did cover the Mysore riots, but it was nowhere near as prominent with prominent wind bags and rent a quote activists shouting about how the calm in Mysore has been shattered. No pictures, no on the ground reports. It did get a report each day - thats all. Here are some other outlets reporting the same news. This report says, BJP members staged demonstrations against (yes, against) the violence - oh why would they, aren't they the eternal perpetrators? Even liberal bloggers who have opinions on all and sundry in Bangalore and Mangalore are quiet on Mysore.

Why the groupthink?


sameer said...

a. Its been 3 days (honestly this blog is the first time I read about this!). A lot of the reaction to the Mangalore pub incident came much after.
b. This sounds like a law and order issue that someone chose to give a community colour to try and build pressure for a release of the goons. That impacts me, personally, much lesser than an incident towards a wider attempt at polarization by a political outfit.
c. Why are you less bothered about the incident and more bothered about the reaction to it ? Why immediately descend into name-calling ? I do not recall the immediate reaction to the Mangalore incidents including any reference to those who have a grouse against this community or that - it was merely an outrage against someone telling us how we should and should not live our lives. Is this offensive defense ? Why so ?

I have not attempted to defend the criminals who perpetrated this violence - do I see a not-very-well-veiled defence of those who indulged in the idiocy at Mangalore ?

Groupthink ? Well, there's groups who think like this and that, and you belong to one such for sure too. Try fairness, and keeping arguments above the belt without indulging in name calling, for a change. Its a very old right wing tactic, but kills any possibility of a healthy debate. Again, perhaps, thats your intention.


Neelakantan said...

Alright, lets wait and see if any reaction occurs.

As far as I go, every single one of them is a law and order problem at the same scale, but the "media" magnifies some and shrinks some.

Why they do that and which they choose to magnify and shrink is what concerns me, because media is supposed to be impartial (or claim to be impartial)...