Sunday, April 19, 2009

Youthfully yours

Dear media,

A lot of you (local and international) have faithfully covered the latest "youth icon" (search for "youth Rahul" on Google News and see the zillion results for yourself). So much so, there is no piece today on Rahul without the world youth inserted in it.

Nice association you have helped us build in our minds. As we enjoy the morning coffee with the stale newspaper Rahul has been subliminally anointed as a youth leader in our thoughtless heads. Today there is a piece by VOA on a fight someplace between youth and experience.

Somehow, you have made us all believe that really, it is a fight between youth and experience. But sometimes a stray thought buzzes in my mind like a mosquito that is it a fight between a "family" and "others who have come up the hard way"(but I squash it, just like I would squash the mosquito.).

But you have never told us, if you listened to "youth", what would their aspirations be? Would the Congress really be able to satisfy those? Who are the real youth icons today? What do they tell us?

Thank god for IPL. Atleast now I dont have to watch braking news. I saw the IPL yesterday and came to this conclusion.

In general youth loves talent. Youth also likes people who come up the hard way. People like MS Dhoni in this generation with somebody like SR Tendulkar running a close second would be way up there in who the youth love. People love AR Rehman. And a lot of others. Youth also love meritocracy. This is something the Congress has never practiced, nor preached. Which is perhaps why, in general, youth love the corporate sector. And sports.

Because there, even with a famous last name, you may not make it.

And, if you had asked the youth one question, "Do they agree with dynastic politics" - can you guess what most youth will tell you? But somehow, some way, that one question is never asked by any newspaper. How coincidental no?

"Youthfully" (and truthfully) yours...


Savitha Rao said...

It's a coincidence perhaps that the party have been careful not to let other 'young' leaders get any position of serious responsibility or limelight - lest they outshine the (dim) light of the youth icon .

Jam said...

Well, I am guessing the whole concept of 'young Indians' taking up politics is something that I probably will not see in my lifetime.

For reasons best known to them, the political fraternity somehow always manages to attract the oldest and the craftiest of people to it.