Thursday, May 21, 2009

Change the game

Hardly a week has passed by since Wolfram Alpha made its debut and Microsoft is going to launch yet another search engine?

Why play by the same rules of your competitor Microsoft? Did Zune not teach you anything at all?

Google did not launch a Google Windows, or a Google Word - it launched the cloud to take on Microsoft. Now, I don't know what is the special something that the new Microsoft search engine will bring, but I think people are tired of yet another search engine, unless it does something
different and radical...(like the Wolfram Alpha?)

We do this all the time. At home, at work - everywhere. The instinct in us tells us to treat life as a race or perhaps we teach ourselves to do that.

When you play by the rules set by your competitor, you play into their hands. Change the game!

Update: While it does look like the search engine is radical, I was not way off the mark either! Bing stands for But Its Not Google. OMG.


Swapz said...

This is not "yet another search engine" sir, it is Kumo, an aquisition for the next version of MS Live search, one that was announced (rather the announcement leaked) long ago, and probably it will start its life in a week or so. Don't proceed to think that MS has got the least bit of interest (or information) about Wolfram alpha. They are looking just at Google. And so is Yahoo!

neelakantan said...

Thanks for that info. I completely missed Kumo. Note to myself: Research better before posting!