Monday, May 25, 2009

Intrigued by Sony

As I sat through the last semi final and final of IPL, I had to endure a thousand promos by SETMax on the upcoming soaps and movies. If I recall correctly, they are launching a thousand soaps and telecasting some really new movies. But, showing them through a sports event? A sports event that is tiring for non sport viewers? In my view, apart from senior citizens there is not too much intersection between sports and soap viewers. The movie viewing audience might, but IMO, not many movie buffs idea of watching a movie would really match with 50,000 ad breaks. I guess there is a logic at work.

The intriguing thing is that the these slots are at the exact same slot as IPL - yes the exact same slot. So, tomorrow, when I troop in from work, I will switch on SETMax (since I had not moved channels yesterday - Himalayan odds of possibility) and not finding IPL, will lather myself into a somnolence with the latest soap!

Second, slightly better possibility. Absolutely enraptured by the promos, I will set a reminder to watch these very soaps day on day? Possibly. Definitely better odds than the first one - especially if I am an obsessive compulsive soap viewer. But would an OC soapie watch IPL in the first place? The IPL audience would desert SETMax at 11.32 pm and regroup for the next cricketing event. Why? I had to search through the channels to find out where is SETMax located.

In any case, you cant fault them for making a really good effort to keep their viewers engrossed!

Disclaimer: I am not your average TV viewing fanatic. After IPL1, I watched TV during the 26/11 massacre, then Election result day for a couple of hours and then IPL 2 SF and Final. 

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