Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Meet your match, on TV

A few weeks back, I happened to think on the current state of the media. Whatever can be done on newspaper (or magazine), can be easily replicated by TV and then on the net. So, classifieds and advertisements have moved to the TV and the web as have news and weather forecasts. The big gap seemed to be in matrimonials. Yes, the same thing on which TOI sold their Sunday papers for a while and on which built their enterprise. Nobody on TV, you ask?

Well, down South (I dont recall the channel since I happened to see it at a friends place for a fleeting few moments) there is this interactive programme where prospective brides and grooms can "advertise". It is hosted on an quick interview sort of format where a suitably benevolent looking host interviews the prospects. He asks them a few questions on what they are looking for and if not anything else, it seems to be better than a classified or a web page (minus, say, a video). It would be a nice idea to see on TV and decide? Sure. Indeed, it must be sold like a talent show with the prospects being asked to do something they claim to know - recite a poetry or a song, or sing or dance or whatever.

No, it is not funny, though when I saw the programme, I was laughing. It is actually a good idea which can be better implemented.


Nikhil Narayanan said...

Have heard a similar program for job seekers on Arabian Radio Network.
Job seekers can come and sell themselves in 2 mins or son


GiGyaan said...
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GiGyaan said...

I know of tying up with Dish TV to offer their service to their subscribers on TV. Pretty cool concept. Check it up!

Kavi said...

Thats a very popular program. Atleast amongst the prospective brides and grooms !

Now, i didnt go that route, but i know of a few folks who did go that way !
Leveraging of mass media to reach the masses !

Cool. No ?

venkatramanan said...

Neels! That was கல்யாண மாலை (kalyana maalai) in SUN TV.
It also has a monthly thrice magazine.
Yeah! I too felt its crazy (& As you said, it can be improved) but it shows there is a large volume of people who do not know the benefits of a Love marriage (including me! :-))