Monday, May 18, 2009

A note on Bangalore verdict

The 3 Bangalore seats have unanimously gone to the BJP - (Bangalore rural, well, I have no comment). Reading the reports on the victory, you can see there is much hand wringing on how "moral policing" - which is a nice word for thugs, the pub attack by lumpens etc. did not make a difference. Also, the two other parties - actually one party and one family tried a tacit understanding gamble, but that also did not do the trick.

Bangalore (and Karnataka) have had about 1.5 governments prior to this one. One was ruled by Congress and one half was a HDD Gowda backseat driven government. Both of these governments drove Bangalore to frustration by deciding to ignore Bangalore (or trying to reverse SM Krishnas attention for Bangalore).

For 5 years roads were neglected, traffic and infrastructure was neglected, the NICE road had obstacles placed in its progress and one had to hear homilies on land ownership by companies by these holier than thou elements etc. etc. So, there is no way in hell Bangalore will ever vote for JDS (and anybody associated with them). Congress, well, they still bring in the same names that shone some decades back. (Krishna Byre Gowda was an exception and he will do well in future.)

As for this government - there was been a visible improvement in roads and public infrastructure since it has come into power - the NICE road has not been completed, but it is actually helping a fair bit. Bangalores buses have been given a leg up and we see newer experiments - apart from the Volvos. Metro work is progressing smoothly. There are some new public works that will be undertaken shortly. The BBMP polls will be held soon and it for its party is launching a property guidance cell - so necessary in these areas.

Yes, there is much work to be done - Metro, water, power, but with this majority and verdict, there is more reason for the government to go full steam ahead on infrastructure and development of the state.

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