Sunday, May 24, 2009

Prices, discounts

Yesterdays paper had a pullout proclaiming back to school discounts. One of the items advertised was Seagate 320 GB freeagent, external hard drive with a marked price of 7000 and a 30% off being sold at 4599. I was impressed and decided to take the plunge into "unlimited" HDD space. With a capacity of 4 times my existing, HDD and nearly as cheap as my 80GD backup drive purchased once upon a time, it seemed to be a great idea. And then I decided to check on the net.

Of course, it is available for lesser at most places - including e-bay. So, impulse purchasing postponed thanks to the internet. I will wait for the 1 TB solution.

Message for stores: Please understand, people have learnt to compare prices in Indial. If your discounted price is below the price of other dealers, well, you know what will happen.


Pradeep Kumar said...

Yeah. Have always found it weird when these guys publish 40% off and bloody in ebay you have it at those prices. Whatever opinion I had about that store diminishes. Especially in branded computer/electronic items where the guy would anyway be a net user and will do the minimum check!

Nalin said...

going rate is $0.10 (Rs4-5)a Gig.

Iomega Prestige Desktop Hard Drive - 34275

.. not sure if you can have them or some one on your behalf to "ship" it to India