Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Then and now

I had "wished" for the Honda Fit in 2006 and it is here in 2009 odd, but at what price?

The buzz is that it will be launched as the costliest hatchback in India at about 7 lakh. Now, that's a disappointment.

But in any case, the world has changed since 2006 (actually it hadn't, we woke up late) and I am not enthusiastic about any new vehicle launch, especially petroleum powered (except the Nano, for obvious reasons). My suspicion is that Fit wont do well in a market like this.

And while heres my thoughts on Appy Fizz in 2006, theres Grappo Fizz in 2009. I was ambivalent about Appy when it was launched and by the looks of it, it is doing well. But Grappo has been given a thumbs down by the little one after exactly 2 sips (I did not like it too much either). So, we will wait and see if his reaction is "tuned" to the market sentiment :)

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