Saturday, May 09, 2009

Your time starts now

You have 15 minutes. What can you accomplish? Lets see

Clear a traffic signal in Bangalore?
Let 3 densely packed trains go by in Mumbai?
Polish a plate of biryani in Hyderabad?
Whip up a decent sabzi?
Have a bath?
Shop for self? (males only)
Move 10 metres in the queue at Tirupati?
Make 7.5 Maggis (via 3M)?

Well, if you did any of these, you wasted your time. 

That much time is enough for the world to be peaceful, end the war on terrorism - indeed end terrorism itself. I did not say this. Your future prime minister did and the newspapers buried it. 

Clearly we have wasted a lot of time and lives over this issue. Including the last 5 years.

1 comment:

Savitha Rao said...

15 mins to end terrorism . 15 hours to recreate the universe perhaps . One must appreciate his honesty though . He clearly articulates that he will sit back and watch.