Wednesday, June 24, 2009

30K Magic - not

I had predicted that the iphone was priced at too high a point - and I was not way off the mark.

In comes the Android, google powered Magic, at, the same price point of 30K for a 2 year contract. Coincidence? Stubbornness? Keeping up with the Jobses? Refusing to learn?

Well, you dont change your price point, I dont change my prediction!

(Note: Even 10K lower, with or without contract, would have made for a much better value proposition)


Aadisht Khanna said...

It's very difficult for telecom operators to enforce plan contracts in India. The flipside of that is that unlike America we aren't at the mercy of operators when it comes to billing. I think we actually have the better deal.

30K Magic - the value proposition will work for me once there is a real 3G network and an unlimited data plan. 100 MB download cap is ridiculous.

But the Airtel exclusivity ends in six months, and we're finally seeing some progress on 3G spectrum auction - so I may buy it this year. Still lots of money to save up though.

Swapz said...

Do realize that Android is a platform to build cellfone systems on (unlike the iPhone, which is a phone itself). So all Android-based phone need not have the same price range.

The initial creators/users of any technology obviously bear the brunt of higher development cost, which is passed on to customers, who buy it for its "exclusivity". Further development will reduce the price. Happened with iPhone, will happen with Android as well.

neelakantan said...

Yes, Aadisht 3G is a stumbling block...

Oh absolutely Swapz and I hope they do that. Imagine the power of google, translations, android and you have a phone for "India"