Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mumbai Makeover

Mumbai is going through a small make over or should I say revolution. The ubiquitous yellow black Premier Padmini taxi is now being replaced slowly and steadily (thanks to a Supreme Court ruling that has set an expiry date for really really old cars !!) by WagonR, Maruti Omni, Santro, Alto even some old Esteems.

I have my own experiences travelling back and forth from domestic airport.

*The old cabs were smelly - with the seat covers not cleaned or changed since inception.

*The oldies gasped for breath beyond 60kmph and thus lag the overall traffic or create a traffic snarl too atleast on the right side of highways.

*AC cabs were never an option even if one wanted.

Will I miss the Mumbai - premier padmini's? Well, lets put it this way that I wont mind seeing others in them. They were a part of the landscape, but they have served their time and should honorably retire now.

Indeed I quite welcome this change. Of course MERU cabs are even better.

One thing that has not changed is the way the cabbies drive these "new" generation cars. Well, the drivers have not changed...They still rev up the car in 2nd gear tight up to 60kmph/ before the car cries to be changed to gear 3. And yes, after being used to the oldies, many cab drivers do drive these new babies like in beware of that.


Savitha Rao said...

Travelled in a Premier Padmini taxi yesterday . Thankfully it was only a 10 min journey :)

Kavi said...

And the airport experience of getting into a taxi...still remains.

Although largely improved with Meru !

Oracle said...

You missed India which now general public carrier for IT and ITES janta apart from Sumo/Qualis/Innova which will be best replacement for Taxi which cost around same and its diesel engines might cost less.

Meru cabs or some kind cabs which uses Maruti Omni in Hyderabad ( I think this is missing in Pune when I was trying to something like Hyderbad) which is also convinient and cost effective way to reach longer distances in odd times like mid night.

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Just wondering what would happen to all the PP cabs? Sold as scrap?