Saturday, June 20, 2009

Private varsity for Teachers

Yes. You read that right. The Azim Premji foundation got approvals for the same from the Karnataka government.

The first great thing about it is the involvement of the foundation which has been working at the grassroot level with various state governments to improve the quality of education. The second thing is that it is good for teachers - a hitherto neglected constitutency in general.

But, and heres what people need to get right. Unless the right opportunities show up for teachers within Karnataka or within India, your guess is as good as mine as to where they will go (and this is not to fault them) post their studies.

A note from the report though,

Defending the decision, Suresh Kumar and higher education minister Aravind Limbavali said, "We have not approved any proposal from people with an intention of setting up educational institutions to make money. Premji had approached the state government with a genuine concern to raise the quality of education in general and teachers in particular with a vision to meet the future human resources needs." [DNA]

What makes anybody think that todays institutions are not making money off education? Of course they are and in the process they are shortchanging students and teachers alike. If somebody wants to make money off education, please let them do so with the express purpose - there are others who make money while claiming that they dont. Profit is not a dirty word.

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