Monday, June 22, 2009

What is it about twitter?

Twitter recently caused a minor uprising in Moldova, it has been the primary tool of something along the same lines in Iran. Mumbais terror attacks were tweeted from inside the hotel by those unwittingly trapped inside. And, for those on the web, twitter is the latest thing.

The internet came - many people created their own websites, but clearly, every person cannot sustain his or her own website. Then, blogs had their day in the sun. Ditto there. Not everybody can sustain a blog - I mean, you have other things to do right. And along came twitter. And everybody is on twitter - I mean, mainstream names like Brahma Chellaney, Swapan Dasgupta, Praveen Swami. Hell, even N Ram is on twitter (search that yourself) - it is banned in China, btw.

But there is something about twitter that makes it different. The biggest thing, IMO - ease of use. 140 characters - bam. No create site, set up content. Just type and enter. With an open API and zillions of software that lets you use twitter wherever you are (yes) on phone or on the net - it is simplicity at its best. No wonder, the worlds out there, tweeting, pointing. To me, as I pointed out earlier, it is almost becoming the place for the latest on the web that interests me...

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