Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Carpets and work

A nice piece in Forbes India on the model followed by Jaipur Rugs.

When you read through it, you can see that it is an entire ecosystem of work without having to bring workers to a factory. They have quality supervisors, inspectors etc. If you replace loom with computers, it is like working from home. If it can be done for carpets, it can be done for most other types of desk jobs? And if it is not being done yet, why not? I think, that a model like this the future of work.

More thoughts on this...


Kavi said...

Insightful article. The possibilities that technology is bringing on needs new age thinking and newer age working !

But with such old age industries as weaving, to exploit the hidden strengths in a system is indeed phenomenal.

At another level, i guess this is what needs to be explored.

purple pitara said...

awesome - like a corporate fairy tale! thanks for sharing!

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