Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Federrer - greatest ever?

So, Roger Federrer won the Wimbledon. For the 6th time. And in the process won his 15th Grand Slam. For a lot of people, to read this is somewhat of an epiphany. Is he the greatest ever? Pause before you answer...

We mourned the passing of an era when Bjorn Borg retired. We wept when Jimmy Connors soldiered on. Ivan Lendl retired without winning Wimbledon. The old brigade was unable to withstand the onslaught of the new. And then of course we mourned the passing of an era once again when John McEnroe retired. We clapped for Boris Becker (the NKOTB during our days) and Stefan Edberg and then when they too passed, we said the era of power tennis is in with Andre Agassi. They too retired to greener pastures. In came Pete Sampras and when he retired (OMG, we ARE getting older), we said again that Tennis would never be the same again.

And whose record did Federrer Express break? The venerable Pete Sampras. He of the big serve.

Point being, shows always go on. There is always something or somebody somewhere who is redefining the future. Tommorrow, Federrer too will retire and then it will be someone else!

In another discussion, we spoke about how Google is the epitome of cool companies as is Apple. But we all know GM was once in that coveted position, then IBM and then Microsoft and Toyota in cars. And tomorrow it will be someone else. Its nice that the future cannot be predicted, haan?

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