Friday, July 31, 2009

Library and Kindle

Having joined a library (yes, I know, cant stop talking and thinking about it), a few thoughts.

Are libraries friends of authors or not? A part of me says yes, because finally authors need to be read to be read. And it is the reading that attracts people to particular styles of writing, which makes you a fan and then you buy "everything that the author writes". So libraries clearly increase sampling - which should be good for authors. It could also work in a different way - enrolling in a library significantly reduces the chance that you will buy pirated books (usually people buy pirated books assuming that the outlay is low and it is worth a risk even if the book is not good). Also for foreign authors and published books, it is far cheaper to read through a library. And then again for people like me, I buy books even after I have read them, especially if I like the book so much. So, libraries are good for authors.

Bad because, some books are unlikely to be bought, especially the very costly ones. But I guess the former will overrule the latter.

Second thought. Can something like Kindle ever have a 'lending' function - that gives books on e-rent? Say, a scheme where you can have a book for a couple of weeks and then it vanishes from your system. Actually it can - just that digital ownership presently assumes that you buy and keep, especially with unlimited storage. And then again, the Kindle significantly reduces the fun you have in swapping books. More reason to stay on with books? I don't know. Havent experienced the kindle just as yet :)


manoj said...

the so called advantages of a book vs kindle comes primarily because from the initial stages in life one got used to so called advantges of a book. a kindle is a phenom which appeaed quite la8 in life and it implies major disruptions to the set pattern. maybe , ur son would laugh at u , thinnking how could my pop read a hard bound book with the enormous carbon print which comes with a book manufacutre vis a vis a kindle...

Kavi said...

Kindle is still a 'culture change' for me. Not that i have used it.

Even some digital mags, the articles i like, i print. And one part of me cringes.

And the other revels at the sight of digital natives being so very comfortable with it all !


ecophilo said...

I am pretty sure the kindle or digital book reading is the future and I am also sure that as book lovers, we love books more than the formats :)