Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Of a drop in posts and all that

Sorry for the drop in posts. Yes, there are tons of things I need to write about - but there is one major reason why the number of posts have gone down. Make that two. The first is that I joined a library which has a superb plan - a library that goes by the name of Just Books. At 150 bucks a month, you get to take about 2 books at a time for unlimited duration. For a bookworm like me, that's amazing. The cost of buying books is quite high - a book costs anywhere between 150 to 400 rupees. Indeed the last 5 books I purchased average some 300 per book. So, cost wise the library is a smart thing. So, I have been reading.

I managed to only half read The Stuff of Thought - I found this book to be a grammar book in disguise - and sort of gave up. Then I finished A Mighty Heart - the true story of Daniel Pearl, who for those with short memories was beheaded by our friendly neighbourhood terrorists. I also caught up on Stardust - a Neil Gaiman classic . Presently, am reading Down Under by Bill Bryson. So, as I maximise my library time, my time to write posts dip. And I have a long long reading list to catch up on. I need to figure out a way to manage my life, perhaps :)

Did I say two reasons? The second is that I am writing for Advancedge (of IMS) who pays me for what I write (don't think crores) and I had some urgent work to complete for them. There are also a few other reasons 3, 4 and a few more, but they are just excuses....and this is but the calm before the storm...


Kavi said...

The calm before the storm !

Hmm !!

Prasanth said...

I love Bill Bryson's books - and am currently reading his autobiography - "The Thunderbolt Kid". Check it out. Gives a prespective on 50's and 60's America.