Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rules for rule sake

As I logged into my banks online account, a large banner screamed at me, "Go paperless. Opt for e-statements" or some equivalent. Happy to reduce the spam snail mail, I clicked on it.

Two days later, I get a call for verification. They want among things, my date of birth, my doctors date of birth and my debit card pin (I kid you not on the pin). They also expect me to remember my last few transactions to the last two digits, some other aosduriewr id.

And I asked them, I logged into my id using a secure password and you are calling me on the cellphone provided on the id (not changed for the past many years). Now that you have got confirmation on this, just start sending the statements by mail. In any case, I told them, the statement that you send today by snail mail is hardly secure, anybody can open them, if they want to right?

The response was, "I am sorry sir, but they are our rules."

Absurd, dont you think? Whoever framed these rules is really stupid.

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Tanuj Lakhina said...

At least earlier when I asked to make my account usage and statements to be made email only and no paper based except the annual statement which would be delivered via post, was a breeze. Didn't work for one month though but proper ever since. Weird how they ask for more paper details when they want to remove paper wastage!