Friday, July 24, 2009

Shared items

Google reader just reintroduced itself into a more "social" avatar. As I follow a few people, I realize that like Twitter or Facebook, reader is another of the ways you can literally "stand on the shoulders of giants" in your own small way. Crowdsourcing, if you will, but I would rather call it smartsourcing.

Since there are people who follow specialised topics on the internet closely, mark items as favourites etc. etc., you get to read the best stuff hot off the shelves (if there be such an analogy). Also, since you cannot obviously read everything, it is smart to depend on others who you follow to track down the latest and greatest.

Many other places can do with a bit of "social"ity.

Restaurants - getting ratings from the last few visitors? Posting stats on most frequently ordered dishes? Libraries on most issued books?

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