Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Daily dump

As part the steps in reducing waste (or recycling or being more environment friendly) in the household, I finally picked this one up from Daily Dump. (see image)

Actually I was never sure of the concept until I saw one in practice in our apartment complex.

We called one person from Daily dump over for a demo and we said, we got to try this out.

And so there we are. Will keep our progress posted on the blog...

Reduce solid waste is something we all ought to do. And perhaps the simple first step is to reduce the organic waste. Ideas like these help us do our bit, even if we live in an urban jungle...


Prasanth said...

Are you having individual ones in your apartments or a common one for the apartment complex?

niti bhan said...

Hi Neelakantan,

Talk to my friend Poonam Bir Kasturi, the brains behind the concept.


BharGo said...

had tried a rudimentary version of the same a decade ago... 5 Lt Godrej Oil can as the 'Khamba'!

Need to revive the same!