Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The little car that could...

They said it cannot be done. You cannot have a real car within a lakh rupees. It has to be a car with curtains for doors. It may be a three wheeler. It could be an autorickshaw on wheels. It will be unsafe...

And then the little car was launched. They came, they saw, they gawked. (Some even announced their plans for 5 years later.) Many still maintained it was not possible - this even after seeing the car running. It is unsafe they cried (as if autorickshaws and bikes are). On our roads, only a battle tank is safe. It is only for Indian roads, it will never be as safe as our cars, said others.

Many of you may not know this, but a "real" crash test was not mandatory in India, until very recently. (See who did not crash test their car when it was launched in 2003 ) And, by the way, just coincidentally, by a strange quirk of fate, only one manufacturer in India has its own crash testing facility - say TATA to the rest - this is as of 2009.

So, after passing the Indian test, the little car went to a facility abroad, to be tested for European standards, so that it can enter the European market as well. And here are the results of the Nano crash test. The little car is a tough cookie.

So, the little car that could not be built, is in reality the cleanest vehicle on the roads (take that, all you other cars) and is perhaps the safest too.

Today they say, wait for it once it hits the road. There will be complaints. Actually they are not saying it. I would put it as hope. Fervent hope. Well, for one, this blog will be watching.

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Kavi said...

And the Nano is giving a whole lot of people mega sleepless nights i guess !!

Indeed !!

Many are alongside you in watching this evolve !


AGworld said...

The nano is an engineering landmark.

And dont pay attention to the jholawalas and the armchair types who will bemoan the traffic jams it will cause.

Middle class families with tight budgets have every right to travel in dignity -- not scrunched up, 4 people to a motorcycle.

The nano will not cause traffic jams -- governmental neglect (criminal neglect), that has not seen roads being built will cause traffic.

PS. Do read the comments on the link you provided ("tough cookie").
All the indians are pontificating "yes but, it will fail this that and the other".

The extent to which we have been brainwashed to run down anything indian is saddening.