Friday, August 07, 2009

Seventy six

76 is the number of firms which want CISF security.

Thank our friendly neighbours for this, also thank the funders for funding them, also thank the brainwashers for running a brain laundry and also thank the government for letting all of this happen. But of course, the friendhly neighbours deserve a thanks for sending terrorists to India and killing and massacring wantonly over the past few (many?) years in different parts of the country. Until recently though, we always thought that this was not going to affect us. But it has. It has visited all the places we visit as shoppers, tourists, commuters, going about our daily chores.

But finally having the CISF around is like having pesticides when cockroaches invade your kitchen. Pest control is a better option or keeping your house clean.

But then companies cannot solve the problem, atleast they can buy pesiticides. So, if you want to live safely or reduce the probability of death on campus by terror, work at any of these firms. Or else work from home...

How far are we from an attack on a high faultin residential complex? Aha, now apply for security for CISF. BTW, Infosys pays in crores for them...

Question: Is India the only country where workplaces seek to be guarded by commandos in "peace time"? (And to qualify that, I mean, non sensitive installations - not power plants, nuke plants, dams and the like...)

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