Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Disappearing concepts, India edition

Inspired by Scott Adams, Disappearing concepts, India edition.

Of course these are concepts which are best "disappeared".

  • Pass book - that infernal book that had to be updated after every deposit or withdrawal from the bank.
  • Radio and TV Licence - yes, we did have something on those lines.
  • TV antenna - which you had to go the terrace and adjust each time a crow sat on it or a kite entangled on it or in case there was anything stronger than a mild breeze.
  • Demand draft - this infernal thing still remains in existence, but it has been ages since I made one, so I am not sure if the procedure to get one remains as customer unfriendly as ever. Hopefully electronic transfer will replace it soon...
  • Bill payment - as Scott Adams mentions - thankfully most of it is online. I hated the time I had to stand in the queue to pay the electricity bill in some designated time and place (the ones nowadays pretty much are 24 hour ones).
  • Railway ticket booking - my dad used to sleep over in a railway station so that we could travel during our summer vacations. Thankfully - considering the speed at which the railways run their trains has not changed for 50 years the technology to book was changed by some farsighted individual and I am sure he will get brownie points of many of us - their online option works very well. And almost all other travel operators are available online too. No queues, no influence. Now can we stop using the tracks as the worlds largest network of lavatories?
  • Waiting, waiting, waiting - 5 years for a telephone line, 1 year for a gas connection.

What more concepts do you think have disappeared? Also, I will compile a list of concepts that exist and need to disappear.


Aadisht Khanna said...

Demand drafts are still there, especially for things like college fees. But the procedure is now simple - log in to NetBanking, fill in the payee details, and it gets sent to you by courier within 1 working day.

The concept will not go away because the need will stay - a substitute for cash that is payee-specific - but the instrument will definitely change.

Kavi said...

I dont recall sending a postcard.
Or going to a post office.
Or sending a greeting card for that matter.

Do you remember 'booking' a 'trunk-call' ?

I recall my dad having a radio-licence !

Every time a new Ambassador was bought, affluent classmates used to get seats redone !

Unions in Industries were all powerful !

Typewriters and electronic typewriters were used to type out research projects and such else !

The Circus goes out of fashion. So does 5 ps, 10ps, 25 ps, coins !

Hmm. i guess there are quite a few things that come to my mind !

satin said...

What about the ubiquitous 'No Vacancy' Board which we used to find in Hindi movies where the poor middle class Jeetendra faced in n number of movies..

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