Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Notwithstanding the grand name with the confluence of god and king - it is probably the most powerful city. It probably was. Now it is a railway station that sits at the outskirts of Bangalore - been so for a while.

Many many years ago, it used to be a station as nondescript as perhaps, Malgudi. A sleepy railway station punctuated by, perhaps the arrival of a few trains. And I recall having arrived at this station en route to Kerala one of those summers and been pleasantly surprised by the superb weather at this place. "This is a suburb of Bangalore" said my dad then. Suitably impressed that our summer trip went "almost" near Bangalore, it got added to the bragging rights that summer. The station was quite a nondescript one...

Today, as it sits in one corner of Bangalore and city having extended itsself around the station, it is one station that if developed well can serve as alternative to the usual Majestic and other crowded termini. The amazing thing is the low amount of development the station has seen since those days. Coach positions are hard to get, until recently it did not have a decent parking lot (now there is one), a loo is difficult to get and overall access levels are quite bad (dont even think of handicapped access). Only recently a ticket counter was added on one side of the station. But there are more trains today, many more pick ups and drops and quite a well used station this part of the city. It really deserves to be developed in a good manner.

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