Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nano feedback

See this piece on customer feedback on the Nano from across the country. And the overall positive reviews mean that customers and competitors have to eat their words and plan for a car that matches the Nano. Hopefully by then, Tata would have changed the game with the electric and hybrid or air car or some such version.

Couple of things stand out:

The Nano is not just being bought by the "middle class". Many upwardly mobile families will buy this as their 'second' car - to be used for running errands etc. Nothing wrong or right about it, it is just the car finding its level in the market.

If a power steering is added, this option will have even more takers. Ditto for an electric option - perhaps a 2 seater to begin with? Making it more women friendly? Or something on the lines of zipcar? All these dont exactly mean great news for the rickshaws...

Most of the negative feedback are quibbles - and comparisons to a different class of vehicles altogether. But overall, the feedback is good and the owners are basking in the attention and there is scope for some game changing ideas...


Naren said...
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Naren said...

You are praising Tatas too much.

Tatas have never heard of the expression called "Post-Purchase Customer Service"

Take ANY Tata product or service; this is where they lack.

I know I'm making a blanket statement, but you can do a google on "tata poor customer service" & all their products/services throw up on the results. (including their Indica/Indigo cars!) If you have ever spoken to any of TCS' Indian clients, you'll realize that "poor customer service" is TCS's selling point in India!

Tatas have to realize that "Post-Purchase Customer Service" IS ALSO MARKETING!

Christin said...

Good write up...Nano is a brilliant attempt of Tata to give the world the smallest car. This car has made the dream of many family true. It is performing very well on road and not less than any other small car in the industry.

Anonymous said...
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