Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Simple pleasure of life

One of the simple pleasures of urban life in India is to have an efficient and hassle free and professional rickshaw or taxi service. In cities where this does not exist, you can expect high cases of BP and other stress related diseases. Mumbai (and a pox on most other cities) is perhaps the onlyh city in India that satisfies this criteria. You can get out of your house, get into a rick and hop off certain that the route, fare, destination and safety are guaranteed.

This picture is in front of a mall in Navi Mumbai - where rickshaws come in a neat line (and atleast I did not see too many passengers being declines - neither was I) pick up their passengers and go along.

If your fare is, say, 17 or 27, the driver by and large is ready with the 3 rupees before you are ready with 20 or 30. In most other cities, this is not the case. In some cities, you can say goodbye to the change. In some others, for 30 rupees the rickshaw will take for exactly one revolution of the wheel. In some cities you have to be ready for a war with the rickshaw at the end of your journey. In some cities depending on the cloud cover and lighting condidions (cricket umpires would be proud), the fare will be "oneandhaf" or "doublemeter".

After living in other cities, I often feel like tipping the Mumbai rickshaw drivers just for their professionalism. Hats off...

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Manish said...

That is one of the best thing about Mumbai auto/taxi..Sometime if fare is 21 and they do not have change, they ask for 20 only!!