Saturday, October 10, 2009

1984 and 2009

Currently reading 1984 by George Orwell. As a fan of his Animal farm (available online), it is my humble conclusion that all movements in the world are exactly of the nature as depicted by Animal farm. (note to myself: Please attempt a longer post on it.)

All rules are like spider webs. The insects (us, common mango chaps) get caught while the sparrows fly through. And coincidentally, I found this yesterday - Road to Serfdom (dont miss it), in comic form.

And in this context comes our ministers comment on vulgar salaries...Aadisht does a neat job of dissecting it. To that I would like to add my twenty five paise. A few more can be targetted instead of the corporate sector.

Film stars are making too much money. Too much money is spent producing dud movies. Reality television and even television channels earn vulgar amounts (and often manage to make a profit). We spend vulgar amounts on national schemes that benefit no one.

Someone should remind him that the days of socialism in India are over. Or are they?

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