Friday, October 30, 2009

Everything I do

Someone else doesn't...I like this new ad campaign titled (?) iDont (or is the title "Droid does") that takes potshots at the iPhone...Any guesses on who the competitor is? Who else, but Google. I doubt if anybody so far has had the nerve to take on Apples iPhone with a direct campaign like this.

Of course both the phone and the app store (by far, the iPhones strength) have to live up to the ads - but that's for another day...

(Sandisk had attempted a similar campaign couple of years ago...)


kr said...

It's actually Verizon (the phone company). Apple went with AT&T as an exclusive partner. But AT&T's network sucks big time. The hoopla around Droid has been ramping up. Could be Motorola's life-saver.

Arif said...

Blackberry had taken on Apple in this spot:

Apple responds: