Saturday, October 10, 2009

Food rules...

20 Food rules by Michael Pollan. Very nice!

And here are a few more of mine...(not that I follow each one of them, I try to though)

* Carry food with you at work - otherwise you will be tempted to junk
* Keep fruits in your home at a place where you can see it - not inside a referigerator - that way you will have to eat it before it gets spoilt - and keep you off junk
* Indulge once in a while - it stops you from craving
* Eat leaves twice a week
* Find our what your grandparents ate and try to get closer to it in a few meals atleast
* Anything that leaves colour on your finger, oil on your finger after eating is bad

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ggop said...

The grandmother rule is one of the first observations in Pollan's In defense of food. He mentions our grandparents will not recognize many of the foods in the modern supermarket.