Saturday, October 24, 2009

Forest, Trees and Leaf

Apparently the Nissan Leaf will come to India in the near future. The report is a bit vague so I cant say if its more near or future. While I know Carlos Ghosn or Ratan Tata wont read this, whoever introduces a good electric car at a decent price will get some good market share in the cities.

But I could be wrong, couldn't I? The Reva has not made significant stries in the Indian market and the Leaf (or whichever electric car), whenever it is launched won't be cheap. And infrastructure will be a big big issue - what if your supercool-electric-car-that-needs-no-petrol stopped in a village with no electricity at all or, more likely, in a place which has a 12 hour load shedding? (Then, we get the bullocks out - ha, we have all the answers!)

Well, but that's because we are talking present. We are still away from any sort of tipping point for EVs. For all the work Reva has done in trying to create a market for EVs in India, it is still ploughing a lone furrow. But oil prices have only one way to go and that is up. And electric cars infrastructure have only one way to go, that is also in the direction of better...So, at some point this will happen...Question is who will be lucky?

And in the meantime, you will see small strides like the reported Swift petrol with plug in hybrid that aim to bridge the (big) gap between oil and electricity...But the overall direction is away from oil (this is as much hope as much belief...)

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