Saturday, October 17, 2009

Germanys energy revolution

A special feature in Der Spiegel.

While it is about the smart grid and new technologies like giant solar power plants in the desert, wind farms, it is also about generation of power closer to the source. And that, for India is another leapfrog opportunity.

We leapfrogged our yawning communication gap (chasm?) between villages and cities thanks to cellphone technology. To a certain extent, organic farming thoughts helped stop us from getting into full industrial agriculture mode. A coming power revolution will enable our villages to be self sufficient in a way Gandhiji would have never imagined.

I like this. Imagine homes and factories and apartment blocks generating part of their own electricity needs and feeding it back to the grid. Imagine microscale wind and solar power plants and probably bio-gas as well and thats one non petroleum future I look forward to...

And on that a Happy Diwali...

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