Thursday, October 15, 2009

Psychology of names

A very simple hypothesis of mine is that people are deeply influenced by film actors (largely - not sure if it applies so much for girl children and actresses) and other successful people like sports starts (mostly cricket) or politicians (some of them) when we name our children.

Therefore, over a few generations rare is the child named Ranjeet, Prem, Jeevan, Amrish but there is a profusion of Amit, Rajesh, even Indira, Priya (after you know who), Sachin, Rajeev, Rahul and others.

Not sure Virender would make it to the list soon, because it is a successful name, but "traditional".

In places where the local industry is dominant, you would see a similar naming pattern me thinks...

(need to do a longer post on this...)

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