Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reality and Imagination

As usual one morning, me and the little one were busy making stuff with Lego bricks. I churned out model after model. He was noticeably slower. He observed us and commented, "Appa, you know why you make models faster and I make them slower?"

"No" I said, not wanting to congratulate myself and readying myself for a pat on my back for my advanced skills in building stuff with building blocks and my ability to find bricks faster and...(you get the picture)

"That is because", he reasoned, "your models are real and mine are from my imagination."
"Alright", I asked, slightly amused and at the answer and the perspicacity of the observation, "What do you mean?"

"See, what you make are things which are already there. House, vehicles - they are all already there no?" I nodded. "But the things which I make, like the Dinodon (yes, its a cross between a dinosaur and a vehicle) or the Rhinodon (you got it, am sure) are not already there, so I have think and make it ..."

Suitably chastened, I went back to re-imagining my models...

"Thats why it takes me more time..." he added with a flourish.

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purple pitara said...

go advaith go!
i need to get him on my team for the next games session!