Thursday, October 01, 2009

Those who missed the India bus

This is a phenomenal piece from ET (LT nikhilnarayanan). If you havent read it already, please do so right away.

The author here postulates, quite correctly, that the IT services dinosaurs - biggies hitherto who failed to see the India story in IT are badly hit. I must admit that I did not see it this way at all, so kudos for this piece.

If you are a follower (or hater) of Indian IT, it is important that you know this. The IT story in India is about a David upsurging a Goliath. It is about the creation of an industry that was pretty much on nobodys horizons. And that also means, sorry folks, that the Indian IT industry will stay for a while to come. Indeed as disruptive business models come, this is a story that has to be a must be on any business strategists reading list.

Of course there is still a lot for Indian companies to do to be the "real" biggies, but they will get there...

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