Thursday, October 08, 2009

We get the infrastruture we deserve

Nice column on infrastructure by Tavleen Singh

And rings true. Have been struggling with the net the past few days and I still never know when it will give up once again. Ditto for mobile networks - not had a decent call without having to walk around "catching" the signal in ages. Yes, our infrastructure is bad, poor, pathetic - notwithstanding Volvo buses and our politicians are busy staying in dalit houses without electricity.

Imagine. 60 plus years so called indepedence, these guys don't have electricity and our media is celebrating the fact that our politicians are spending time in such houses instead of ticking them for the state that the people are in. (Yes, I am referring to the one shall not be asked an uncomfortable question). Or of course, they are independent of electricity too. Smart eh?

Whatever...(and I will be back whenever my net is up. BSNL ought to give up all pretense of running a telecom firm)

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