Saturday, November 14, 2009

Marathi, Hindi and all that

A nice column on the Marathi Hindi issue. As a non Maharashtrian, who can read, write, understand and converse in Marathi, I could be someone Raj could extol as a Mumbai citizen. (Apart from that to add to my Maharashtrian credentials - I like Maharashtrian food, am an unabashed admirer of Shivaji). But then, I am also someone who someone has learnt to speak Kannada recently, who can vouch for Mohanlal in Mallu movies and can understand Gujarati as well. Point being, force will not work.

Soft power does.

While on this, it might not be out of context to say that AR Rehman popularized Tamil in Mumbai (perhaps all over the country). During the late nineties, his songs were the rage in college festivals all over in Mumbai. The songs were so good, people forgot "Madrasi" and danced to his tunes. Perhaps they were in other parts of the country as well, but that's for others to comment. And I personally know of Maharashtrians (and other Indians) who have bought his Tamil collection and gone on to love it!

I learnt Kannada here not because of the KRV or somebody like that. I learnt it so that I can get my work done better here than stand up as an "outsider". But I still don't like Kannada movies - I have tried to see a couple and not liked them - sorry folks, lot of work needs to happen there! But give me a good movie in any language and I will see it and that's the only it can happen - by making quality stuff and making people interested.

Hindi films helped spread the language more than "Hindi days" in government organizations ever did. The same holds for other languages...


Madhavan said...

I can speak Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi but have not learnt Kannada even though I have lived in Blr for 2 years. Did you make use of any resources or just by talking to different people. Please suggest!!

Prasanth said...

I can relate to what you mean. What with me being a Konkani who can read and write malayalam ( as I was born and brought up in Kerala) , did my engineering in Karnataka which lead me to learn to speak fluent Kannada and now in Chennai for the past 10 years that in turn made me learn Tamil. I watch and enjoy Hindi, Tamil and Mallu movies equallywell too.

Anonymous said...

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NC said...

COmpletely agree. i somehow am quite uncomfortable with this whole stupid debate.

I agree with you on Kannada movies as well, then they are getting better too! Saw some of the Kannada movie stars at a resort just yesterday, attitudes were as big as any other movie stars :)

dannicash said...

Great post and article

Anonymous said...
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