Thursday, November 26, 2009

This time, last year

Today you are sitting in your living room enjoying the day watching the news channels "celebrate" an anniversary. Of an event a year back.

If you remember, at this exact point in time, India was facing perhaps its deadliest terror attack yet - we called it a war here. I say yet, not because I am a pessimist. I say yet, because the terror problem remains unresolved. Because the source of the problem and the source of the funding both remain - growing in danger each day, but clearly not abating. And each time there is a time of calm, you know it is because there is a bigger storm coming. And we dont seem to have any warning system in place.

But let me take you back to a year ago. This was the day most media shouted, enough is enough. Apart from the fire in the hotel and other parts of Mumbai, there was fire in every editorial, on every lips. Then from the biggest reality show that lasted for a few days with TRP ratings shooting (yes, pun intended) through the roof even as people were people were being shot on the roof, we moved on. We went back to our daily routine scraping our living while some important people got increased security levels. We gave awards to the dead soldiers and policemen. And named more awards for some more soldiers who are willing to die for us.

From then, we moved on to exchanging dossiers (Sada, Masala, Rava, Rava Masala), finding scapegoats, denying the problem, running to US, sharing proof with many countries not necessarily in that order. So, today as you read this, spare a thought for those 183 people who died unnecessarily. And of course, as trophy, we have one dolt who remains as perhaps the most reported guy in recent Indian history. We chose to make scapegoats of politicians instead of holding any government accountable. And even as we speak, both India and Maharashtra completed an 'issueless' election. And we remain in denial about the terror problem and our friendly neighbourhood...

And a year down the line, we are planning to talk with some of the perpeterators. Are we better prepared? I don't know. Though, this time we will have soldiers ready faster, if their airplanes are available - in some cases we just need buses to ferry them since we now have mulitple NSG hubs. From a reactionary perspective we are ready.

Do we have anything that prevents the adversary from undertaking another adventure along the same lines? Do we have something that puts fear in their hearts? No.

But we have candles to light, just in case...

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