Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dear HR

Do you realize that you, in recruitment, are the equivalent of the front desk in an organization? It doesn't look like you do, because, then the service levels you provide would need to noticeably improve.

As the front desk, it is necessary for you to welcome every person who comes into your company for an interview. That means, you get back to her on time, on the time that you promised that you would and get back to her regardless of whether they made into your company portals or not. If you are doing it, like many companies do, that leaves the candidate with a nice feeling of wanting to come back, of spreading the word, of being your marketeer (or otherwise) for free. Remember, any person you rejected could be an 'Amitabh Bachchan type reject from AIR' and the last thing you want to do is find your name embossed in stone like that. It is true that the odds for something like that is low, but then, why take a chance? Why not be great?

Yes, perhaps you interview a million candidates each day - big shit. Get back to every single one of them or interview as many as you think you can get back to. The good companies (Infosys for one, ITC for another, the Army too btw) are already doing that (I mean, those who consider themselves good) despite recruiting by the tonne. Tell them that they made it or did not make it or that they are welcome to apply again after 6 months or something. Like it says in Godfather, Always leave the loser with something - don't snatch everything from him.

And like the front desk, be nice when they leave too...It's a small world these days and news travels very fast...


ggop said...

Great nugget of wisdom. I often wonder what HR does in engineering companies to justify their keep.

Savitha Rao said...

Organizations would indeed be very different if HR saw themselves as the front desk.

Candidates too could do with a similar line of approach (being their own front desk !)considering that it is indeed a small world these days.

marry said...

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Anonymous said...
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